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The Yeti Bars Family would like to say, "thank you" to every Yeti we have. Also we would like to let all the Yeti Bars Nation know that we will have our custom shirts for sale for the holidays again, and as usual the shirts will be high quality material, usually we do a tri-blend or a 50/50 ( no gildan or hanes).
We also wanted to address the shipping delays
The October orders. We had a massive shipping delay with our shipping boxes, they arrived 3 & 1/2 weeks late, our apologies all the way around. The long turn around time that was experienced on October IS NOT & WILL NOT be typical for our orders. Thanks again for your kind patience.

The December Exclusive
We are in the Lair trying to find and whip up a peppermint-mocha/peppermint something for Decedmber.

Wholesale Info
Recently we have gotten an influx of wholesale emails asking what folks have to do to be able to order our bars for wholesale in shops etc... All a person or small chain company (or small business) has to do is email us, and let us know that you are interested in our soap, salve or deodorant for resale in your business. The minimal order is 36 Yeti Bars of your choosing, or we can make an exclusive soap bar that is specific to your business and your business alone.
The minimal cost is $256.00 + Shipping (UPS,USPS,FED-EX).

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1 Comment

Hi Yeti Soap Nation,

First, Merry and Happy Celebration to all.

Don't forget our less fortunate.

I would like to thank Dixie Cryptid 's founder Cam Buckner for introducing you guys to us. As much as we love Dixie Cryptid's stories, we enjoy his plug for you because it is a small mom and pop store feel.

Next, this is my plug for Yeti Soap :

Nothing says, feelin confident when you meet the "big guy" when you've had a shower with Yeti Soap,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Good Luck in the next year

And most importantly, love conquers all

Ann M O'Connor

Bronxville, New York

( i know, i can hear it,,,,,,New Yorkers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but wait, some of us have alot of country in us…

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