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New, the old, the YETI!

Hey Yeti Bars Nation, we are so happy that yall were so onboard with changing up some of the scents in our catalog. About every 2 years we like to switch it up, while also keeping the scents that our Yetis love, because our Yetis determin what scents we keep making. As most of you can tell by now we have began the introduction of or new catalog. Thanks you for all the love and warm responses. We truly work night and day here at the Lair to do our best for our yetis. Of course we do make mistakes sometimes and we thank you for all the patience that is shown from our customers, it's truly mindblowing. So, the whole year of '23 we will be introducing alot of new scents and gear etc.... Again, we thank you Yeti Bars Nation!


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Good news Yeti Nancy..... Its one of the keepers!

Replying to

Definitely yeah!!


I really like the dessert salve!! It makes my arms and elbows feel smooth!! I like the fragrance too!!

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