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The Yeti Chest

The Yeti Chest


The Yeti Chest is the ultimate collector's box set for those who love keeping their precious Yeti Bars in one place. Each box is handmade with care to ensure that your Yeti Bars are secure and protected. This is also a great gift for anyone who loves collecting unique items. It looks amazing no matter where you put it and each box is numbered, making it the perfect addition to any collection. Get your hands on The Yeti Chest today!


*Suggested use: Show off to everyone and let the Peanut butter and Jealous begin!

  • Chest Details

    The Yeti Chest comes with:


    1 Large Chest to hold all your products.


    3 Soap Bar Holders (not meant for the shower)


    3 Soap Bars (pick from available stock)


    2 Salves of your choice (pick from available stock)


    2 Deodorants ( pick from available stock)

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